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A Visit to Chobham's Country Market

The Chobham Country Market is a treat for those who have the time to visit Thursday mornings (& for those who don't, I highly recommend making the time to!).  It's one of the few markets where everything sold is not only made or grown by hand, but also where you can talk to the producers.  In an era of mass-produced, mass-marketed, imported goods, the charm & quality of the Chobham Country Market is irreplaceable.


Chobham Country MarketEverything is made in Britain, in fact, most things are made in Chobham.  With around 40 producers, there's a wide variety of items for sale; eggs, veg, baked goods, children's clothing, jewellery & decorative items to name a few.  As the market is run as a co-operative, being behind the stalls is more of a formality than necessity.  As everyone sells each other's goods there's a lot of movement but it all feels smooth & customer-orientated.  Looking at a cake & no one's behind the stall?  Rather discreetly, someone from the market appears to answer any questions & do the sale.  The producers are happy to have a chat about where the food comes from, and, if it's a craft, the story behind it's creation.  I had a lovely chat with Caroline Rutter, who sells stained glass, about the inspiration behind a number of the pieces for sale.

For foodies, the Chobham Country Market is a must.  As part of the market, there's also a café so you can shop and stop for a cup of tea to enjoy with your cake.  Local cooks produce not only sweets, but also a range of savoury dishes like quiche and pies.  For a quick meal, it's fantastic to be able to buy something home-made.  We bought a quiche lorraine for lunch & warmed it through in the oven, delicious!  This of course followed on from the blackcurrant Victoria Sponge for elevenses and Cumberland sausages for dinner.  The raspberry jam & lemon curd (the sign of a good lemon curd is that it's a sunshine, not a slightly fluorescent, yellow) I bought are an ongoing treat.  After visiting the market, one does eat well!

In the run up to Christmas and the search for the perfect present, a place like the Chobham Country Market is the perfect hunting ground for a unique gift.  For children's clothing, it's a treasure trove of hand-knitted jumpers & there's a wide selection of hand-crafted jewellery in addition to unique items for the home.  Free-range turkeys can also be pre-ordered.

Chobham Country Market takes place every Thursday in the Village Hall from 9:30am - 11:00am.

If you can't make it on Thursdays, the market will be open during Chobham's Christmas Extravaganza.



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Chobham Country Market
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