The Chobham Shuttle peak-hours minibus service to Woking Station was a collaborative venture between Surrey County Council, Woking Community Transport and Chobham Community Interest Company. Chobham CIC was established to commission minibus and driver services from Woking Community Transport and the County Council funded its launch. The Shuttle began operating in May 2008 and, by July 2009, 150 households had registered to use the service. It was carrying ~150 passengers per week and was approaching self-sustainability. The planning, launch and day-to-day management of the service were coordinated by a dedicated working group of community volunteers.

However, at the end of July 2009 and despite its operational success, the minibus costs were substantially increased. This coincided with stringent cost-cutting measures in the County Council (caused by the national economic crisis) and they were unable to offer further support to offset the sudden increase in costs. Chobham CIC raised sufficient funding (most notably, from Woking Borough Council) to operate the service for several more months. Sadly, the economic climate and pressure on public funding militated against its continued operation and the Shuttle was closed at the end of November 2009, having carried ~10,000 passengers.

While it operated, patronage and customer satisfaction with the Shuttle service was very high and it was a sad loss to the whole community when it stopped running. (Its closure also put another twenty cars on our local roads every day, adding to traffic congestion and carbon emissions).