Helping you to reduce your dependence on private transport.

The Chobham Travel Plan is a joint project involving service providers and you, the residents of Chobham, to help you to get to your destinations and access services without having to depend on your car or a lift from family or friends.

ChobQuestWe are continually looking for simple and practical ways that can make your journey easier, quicker or cheaper – with or without the use of a private car.

In addition, we are looking for opportunities to bring services into the village that might otherwise require you to travel away from Chobham. In these days of rising energy costs, increasing traffic and climate change, we are also trying to help your pocket, ease congestion and protect the environment.

The project’s origin lies in the Parish Plan (, which made nearly sixty recommendations to improve our quality of life in Chobham. Many of these relate to transport and availability of services in the village, at which this project is targeted.  For more about the origins and objectives, read the background.

Current Initiatives

The current initiatives are to:

  • Compile Travelsheets to help you find the most convenient and cost-effective ways to get to frequent destinations, such as local hospitals, supermarkets and other facilities. Access the Travelsheets.
  • In May 2008, a frequent peak-hours Shuttle service between Chobham and Woking Station was launched. The service was operationally very successful; however, a steep increase in operating costs coincided with stringent cuts in public sector funding and resulted in its closure in November 2009, having carried ~10,000 passengers. Read the background.

Your Views and Ideas

Please let us know what you think about these initiatives, or any other ideas that you may have to make travelling in and around Chobham easier, cheaper or less dependent on private transport.  Share your thoughts & visit the ChobQuest forum on the community message board.