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Country Watch County Wide, 2013

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Update from Surrey Police. Issue number 2 - 2013. By John Hockley

Good News:

Arrests were made yesterday in East Surrey, of two men suspected of stealing plant machinery. Searches are taking place at a number of locations in relation to this and further arrests are possible…

A man is on bail whilst CID continue enquiries into the theft of parts from a horsebox overnight 12th March in Effingham. Mud guards, seats and a 3 wheeler child’s buggy were taken.

Neighbourhood officers in Haslemere, disturbed thieves stealing York stone slabs, seizing a van in the process, arrests will follow…

Following several ‘leads’ in the Home Counties, many suspects have been identified (a male & female arrested in Aldermaston, Hants) for the theft of dogs that was so prevalent late last year. Many animals have been returned to owners by various means as the power of social media put increasing pressure on the thieves that they clearly had not anticipated. I can now report a dramatic drop in this type of crime, for latest trends see below.

NFU Mutual currently offer free glass etching for customers who insure agricultural vehicles with them.

Wildlife/Animal Issues:

Despite talk of a badger cull in areas of the South West later in the year, these mammals are still protected and so the rural communities officer (RCO) for Mole Valley (Mark Trezise) would be very grateful for any information that can help him track down two men, seen with a spade and dog, digging into a sett in the Westcott area last month.

RCO (James Ansell) is awaiting the results of toxicology tests on a Labrador dog that suffered a horrific death a day after a walk along the river bank at the rear of Pepperharrow Road, Godalming, last Friday. The female owner noticed the animal pick something up, believed to be pieces of fish that were scattered along the footpath, then a short time later the dog started to froth around the mouth.

If poison is identified, a police investigation will follow, as an indiscriminate act of this type is a threat to the whole community. In the meantime, people using this area are advised to be very cautious, keep close control of animals and report anything suspicious on 101.

Overnight Monday 25th March, 8 polecat ferrets (most pregnant) were stolen from hutches in a garden in Old Lane, Ockham. They are dark brown with black patches around the eyes, so anyone offered ferrets in strange circumstances should call us with as much detail as possible, or call if you know someone who has acquired a large number of them.

Meanwhile, the increasing problem of fly-grazing (placing horses in locations without permission), is causing a significant drain on police resources when animals stray. Policy and procedures are being re-drawn to reflect this problem and officers are being encouraged to take firm action against irresponsible owners that fail to keep animals securely fenced. RCO Ryan Stephens has been active in the Compton area reporting a man for several offences and obtaining an Anti Social Behavioural order (ASB) on another person in the same area.

In February, a pony’s head was found wrapped in a carpet alongside a tow path at Shepperton.

Another case of a horse that was found with its tail mysteriously plaited, has been reported in Ash.

Crime trends:

With dog thefts and metal prices down, the latest trends include:

  • Heating oil – properties in several boroughs have reported losses
  • Petrol/diesel – reports of vehicle tanks being punctured for fuel (Godalming), much of it leaking onto the streets posing danger to traffic, risk of fire & environmental damage, these morons need identifying fast…if you know/suspect, call us now
  • Sheds, sheds & more sheds – everywhere
  • York Stone – still some patios being lifted whilst people on holiday/at work
  • Tyres – large scale dumping in fields has occurred in Cornwall & Essex by dodgy tenants, lets make sure it doesn’t happen here

CCTV market expands with 3G & 4G:

Technology doesn’t stand still and we are now seeing new, sharper, more adaptable and in many cases cheaper CCTV systems making use of the latest 3G/4G networks. This now means that you can receive text alerts when cameras have been activated almost anywhere in the world and watch what is happening live day or night on a smart phone (spooky).

Best place to look for suppliers is on the internet (if you have access), many companies will feature customer feedback, always useful when deciding on where to make your security investment.

John Hockley (Force Rural Communities Officer)

Nicholas Young

The original creator of the Chobham Net back in 1999. Founding director of Reaper Enterprises Ltd and Nicholas Young & Co Photography (
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