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Superfast Broadband for Chobham

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Surrey County Council has a contract with BT to roll out a Superfast broadband infrastructure into those parts of Surrey that are not benefitting from the commercial plans of the likes of BT and Virgin Media. The aim of the Superfast Surrey programme is ambitious, aiming for all households and business premises in Surrey to be able to access Superfast broadband services and is being managed through a joint SCC and BT team based at County Hall.

We are pleased to inform you that phase one of the Superfast Surrey Programme is well underway. You may have heard in the media that there are now households and business premises in Dorking who are able to access Superfast broadband provided through Surrey County Council's programme. By the end of September this year this will have extended to 15,000 premises across Surrey.

Available in September!

Some of these premises fall into Chobham village! Residents may have already noticed BT vans and engineers preparing the local infrastructure. We have been informed that households and business premises in the following postcodes in Chobam are included in phase one, meaning that most of them will then be in a position to order a Superfast service by end of September.

GU24 8AA
GU24 8AB
GU24 8AD
GU24 8AE
GU24 8AF
GU24 8AJ
GU24 8AL
GU24 8AQ
GU24 8AZ
GU24 8BP
GU24 8BS
GU24 8BT
GU24 8BU
GU24 8BX
GU24 8PL
GU24 8PT
GU24 8QD
GU24 8QR
GU24 8QP
GU24 8QX
GU24 8QY
GU24 8QZ
GU24 8RA
GU24 8RJ
GU24 8RL
GU24 8RP
GU24 8RR
GU24 8RW
GU24 8AL
GU24 8AN
GU24 8AP
GU24 8AQ
GU24 8AR
GU24 8AW
GU24 8AX
GU24 8AY
GU24 8AZ
GU24 8EJ
GU24 8HA
GU24 8HB

A programme of works of this scale does of course have its challenges and there could be some properties in the above areas that will need extra attention from the programme to get them access to Superfast services. From September the Superfast Surrey Broadband Team will start the process of identifying those properties and look at finding solutions, such as alternative technologies or provision of additional funds from those affected to compliment the public sector's contribution.

Fibre Broadband Suppliers

Chobham village residents and businesses can expect some correspondence from the Superfast Surrey Broadband Team in the near future with more details about Surrey County Council's programme and when they can contact a service provider to access Superfast broadband (We are probably meant to be impartial, but here at the team we recommend Plus Net for great value and customer service).

Broadband from £5.99 a month with an included wireless router when you sign up to Plusnet - terms apply

The Superfast Surrey Broadband Team will be in touch with the parish as work progresses in Chobham. You can also check where a postcode area sits within the deployment programme by using the postcode checker on the website

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