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Free Jubilee Mug for Kids

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Children under 16 years old can apply for a free Chobham Diamond Jubilee mug from Chobham Village.

Mugs will be available later in the year, but need to be applied for now.

Over 16?

Mugs will also be available to purchase at the cost of £5 each.

How to Apply

Please complete the form below and either email or deliver it to the Chobham Parish Pavilion. Closing date for applications is Saturday 7th July 2012.

Thank you to the generosity of Surrey County Council's Local Community Fund, sponsored by County Councillor Mrs Lavinia Sealy.

Chobham Diamond Jubilee Mug

Click to download the Chobham Diamond Jubilee Mug application form. (Adobe PDF, 400kB).

NB: The image is not indicative of what the Chobham Diamond Jubilee Mug looks like


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