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Chobham Net in the News & Mail

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On Thursday 27 May 1999, the launch of the Chobham Net was in the Chobham and Windlesham News and Mail.

Chobham and Windlesham News and Mail - May 27, 1999

Chobham on the net.

Chobham has got its own place on the worldwide web to help publicise its community and business life.

It is the brainchild of Nicholas Young, who works in computers and has been designing web pages in his spare time.

He had been working with a number of other people in the village to get the project started and a partnership with the Chobham Festival will soon give it a further boost and higher profile.

The site will be an extra tool for publicising this year's musical festival and when festival organisers approach local businesses for sponsorship they will also be selling the idea of taking a page on Chobham's site.

The hope is that if there is sufficient local commercial support, it will help subsidise village clubs and organisations who want a page to publicise themselves.

The Chobham Museum has already got its page and Chobham Parish Council is developing one. Chairman Wendy Bentall is enthusiastic about this new means of informing more people about parish council affairs and plans to post minutes of council meetings on the web.

Home users of the internet will also be able to have their own e-mail address through the service.

To find out more contact Nicholas Young at

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Nicholas Young

The original creator of the Chobham Net back in 1999. Founding director of Reaper Enterprises Ltd and Nicholas Young & Co Photography (
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