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Guildford Cathedral in Crises

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Guildford Cathedral Appeal Talk 4th March 2014 Guildford Cathedral Appeal Talk 4th March 2014

There will be an illustrated talk in Chobham Church at 7.30pm on Shrove Tuesday, 4th March.

The talk, on 'Guildford Cathedral in Crises' will be given by Rev Andrew Bishop, a Canon of Guildford Cathedral and by the Chief Cathedral Guide, Mrs Janet Mathews.

Do you remember or have you heard of the 'Buy a Brick Campaign' of the late 1950s? This hugely successful campaign was largely responsible for the building and completion of Guildford Cathedral. It is said the 200,000 bricks were bought by the people of Surrey.

Without it the Cathedral would never have been built, and that is why it is sometimes called 'the People’s Cathedral'.

The Cathedral is now in peril again, and if money is not found by the end of August 2014 it could well have to close within the next year or two.

The talk on 4th March is aimed at raising awareness and publicity for the Guildford Cathedral Appeal.

Please come along and bring your friends. The donation (to include the talk and refreshments) is £7.50 for adults, £3.50 for teenagers and students. A gift aid form can be downloaded from here (83KB PDF).

If you are not able to come, any donation will be enormously appreciated. Cheques should be made payable to Guildford Cathedral Appeal, and can be sent direct to: Lavinia Sealy, Timber Hill, Chertsey Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8JF

For more information and to reserve tickets, please contact Lavinia Sealy on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lavinia Sealy

Lavinia Sealy was the Chairman of the Surrey County Council up until 2013. She had been a member of Surrey County Council for 14 years and has represented Bisley, Chobham and West End since 1997.

Lavinia is a Chobham resident.
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