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New Local Drawing Class

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New Local Drawing Class New Local Drawing Class

New Drawing Class for Chobham, West End And Lightwater.

Artist Lisa Meaney believes drawing is one of the best ways to explore the world and has started a local drawing class - Salon style! Lisa, who recently moved to Surrey from Yorkshire believes the idea of the Salon - an inspiring social event, where one goes to challenge ones knowledge - is a perfect model for teaching art. "As an artist it is very important to be around others who are excited by the same things as you - I love to draw - so I started a drawing group, doing it Salon style means we are not just putting pencil to paper, but exploring the whole tradition of drawing together."

The class, which takes place on Monday evenings off the Bagshot Road, is now in its second term.

Students include people who believed themselves to be ?unteachable' to those who are keen visual

artists, some people come to develop drawing skills for work or study. Architecture student

Alex Glisson explained "Lisa is a great teacher, I enjoy learning new things and this class is perfect for someone who requires a way to develop their free hand sketching"

Lisa's philosophy is about trying to convey the fundamentals of drawing in experimental ways, "I encourage people to step outside their comfort zones and develop their own style. We often start the evening by looking at contemporary and classical drawing pieces, as the evening progresses the sounds of concentration in the room are fantastic - a combination of groaning and furious scribbling!"<?i>

Lisa, who is studying for an MA in Design and Environment, wants to develop the classes to include more outdoor work and an annual group exhibition. The next term begins on Mon Feb 20th, with an Introductory Session, followed by a five week course.

An additional Life Drawing Workshop scheduled for Saturday the 24th March.

Please contact Lisa Meaney for further details, or to book a place on the Introductory Session.

Lisa Meaney

Lisa is an artist based in Surrey, and she runs regular local drawing classes.

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