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Friday, 19 October 2012 06:15

Tesco and Co-op latest

Update: More Tesco applications for the old Evitavonni shop at Station Road now approved at Surrey Heath. Councillors have given permission for changes including new shop front, more parking spaces, plant and equipment and lowering boundary fence.


Update: Co-op tell us that they expect to get handover of their new store in Bagshot Road on 29th October with a target launch on Wednesday 12th December...although this is after the Chobham Christmas Festivities on the 7th they say they will be there on the night with mince pies and other nibbles!
According to Christopher Rowbotham in the News & Mail, the opening might be January rather than pre-Christmas. He'd been chatting to the manager Seamus Kearns.




Tesco has been granted an alcohol licence for its proposed new store in Station Road by Surrey Heath Borough Council's licensing sub-committee.

What Tesco said: 

Alcohol will be available Monday to Sunday, 6am to 11pm.
A member of management team will be on the premises whenever the store is open (their application said that "ordinarily" a manager would be on site all times - the sub committee asked for clarification on that fine point).

Staff will have continuous training in the "Think 25" approach.
There will be CCTV by drinks section, by tills and store entrance.

What Chobham Against Tesco (CAT) said:

Sale of alcohol would exacerbate anti-social behaviour caused by irresponsible drinking already disturbing people who live near by. The area is poorly lit and they are concerned about no fencing at the back of the store where the site backs on to open fields. (Tesco said it will consider putting up a fence)
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 23:56

Tesco provokes trolleyload of protest

More than 800 people have so far signed a petition objecting to a Chobham shop becoming a Tesco Express.

If Tesco does open, Chobham will have two supermarkets because the Coop is planning to open a store in Bagshot Road.

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