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Redemption Blues

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Redemption Blues by T.D.Griggs Redemption Blues by T.D.Griggs

The guest speaker at the Chobham Festival's ChobLit literary lunch in September 2012, Tim Griggs, has now published his first novel, Redemption Blues, as an ebook!


Redemption Blues by T.D.Griggs is now available for the first time as an ebook on Amazon. The ebook is still available on special deal for under £2 until midnight on Thursday.

The modern day story attracted a lot of attention when it first came out and had a million sales in hard copies overseas - although it has hardly been read in UK.

If you liked the other books by T.D.Griggs, Distant Thunder and The Warning Bell (by pen-name Tom Macaulay) then let him brighten your universe once again!

For more info, take a look at his website at www.tdgriggs.co.uk, and follow him on Twitter @TDGRIGGS1.

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